“Anthony got me over $600,000.00 for my injury from a car accident. He never gave up and he never backed down. Thanks to him, my family and I can live comfortably. Hiring him was the best decision I ever made.”

A Personal Injury Client February 9, 2017

“Nobody knows more about D.W.I. around here than Anthony. He got me a great result and his rates were very reasonable. I hope I never need him again but I would definitely recommend him. I have my license back and am able to get to work and support my family.”

A Client who had been charged with D.W.I. March 23, 2017

“One of the things that I liked best about Juliana is she always cared about my children and always put their interests first. I never wanted to be in a divorce situation. But if you find yourself in that situation, you want someone who will fight for your kids’ rights, and make sure the kids are taken care of.”

A Divorce Client March 23, 2017

“We heard so many horror stories about the divorce process, we didn’t know where to turn. Then someone suggested we go to Juliana for Mediation. She was genuinely concerned about our children and us. She helped us mediate a solution in less than 3 months and we spent approximately $1,000.00 total on mediation fees. What we liked is that she doesn’t take a retainer up front, she charges per session, and that gave us control over how much to spend and when.”

A Family Mediation Client March 23, 2017


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Owning your own business: it doesn’t suck! After you survive the first few years of course.

The first few years can be frightening, that’s when most people give up. At the beginning, I was sure we would end up eating dog food and taking a second jobs at the 7-11. But we survived and thrived! We have owned our own business for 15 years now and the best part is being able to go home for lunch — and being able to spend time with our kids whenever we need to #BackToWork #LoveWhatYouDo #MomAndPopBiz #SmallBiz #SuccessTips #lawyermom #lawyersofinstagram #ReadMore #Kindle

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V is for Victory. After practicing law for 29 years, I have come to understand that Victory for most of my clients means staying out of Court and achieving a resolution quickly, peacefully and economically.

But ... sometimes you have to go to court and show the people what 29 years of being a trial attorney looks like #ICanBeScary #Boo 👻#IHaveSocksOlderThanYou #Lawyer #HudsonValley #Newburgh #LoBiondoLaw #lawyersofinstagram #successtips #lawyermom #ScorchedEarth

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#RowMore #StressLess

#Newburgh #Rowing Club. Get up, get moving!

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